We are Japanese NGO which has official NGO body in Nara, Japan. Our NGO is organized headed by Japanese pharmacist with medical doctor.

The policy of our activity is joint activity by medical doctor and pharmacist.


We are active now led by Cambodia with Healthcare checking based on primary care and Providing medicine activity.

*Healhcare Checking

*Providing Medicine

*Hearbal medicine checking


For developing countries people, it is very important to be able to continue thier work without healthcare damage.

Our activity need to your support to continue.

We hope you know about our activity and support to people living in developing countries.

Get Involved

if you are medical workers interested in our activities, please join to us!

We will set up 'Study Tour' if you have request.

Please send us your message!



Activity report is here.

And also, you can read our news letter as PDF.


Latest Project

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