Yoko Nanaumi

Head of Director.

Japanese Pharmacist has carrier in community pharmacy in Japan.

Social pharmacy researcher and Practice Pharmacy educator.

Professional members are gathering for JHPA acitivity!


Our Team. 役員紹介 ​

Noriyoshi Hosaka

Dupty of Director.

He has great carrier of international matter of pharmaceuticals!

He was president of Noriyoshi enterprise and now is super visor.

Akira Amenomori



He is medical doctor who has experience in Vietnam, Laos and Phllippine.

Sentaro Oide


He is owner of Oide Pharmacy in Sendai, Japan.

And also, he was former vice-president of JPA, and former chair person of community pharmacy section in FAPA (Federation of Asia Pharmacy Association)

Kenichi Hamano


He is community pharmacist living in Kobe, Japan. And also he has many work for pharmaceutical Association of his prefecture.

Tetsuji Kawazoe


Japanese Hospital Pharmacist

He has experience for home care.